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Gros Cap Church Preservation

Now Accepting Donations to help preservation efforts for this historic church. If you'd like to make a donation, please mail checks to: Gros Cap Church Preservation P.O. Box 364 St. Ignace, MI 49781.


Little Bear Fitness Center Membership

Since 2018 all residents of Moran Township are eligible for a free membership at Little Bear East Fitness Center, located at 275 Marquette Street, St. Ignace, MI 4978.


Golf Membership Reduction

For 2019, all residents of Moran Township will receive a 10% reduction in annual golf dues. If you have already paid your dues at full price, please contact Ben Brown for a refund. Additionally, children from 8 to 16 years of age can golf a maximum of 10 rounds for free.  Please let us know if this is a benefit you use and would like to see continue.


Gros Cap Cemetery Columbarium

The Gros Cap Cemetery has a new columbarium for cremations. It's China Grey in color and located on the left hand side of the cemetery, it was purchased and delivered from Salem Stones of Whitehall, Ohio last August. It has 72 niches for the storage of urns containing one cremation. The cost per niche is $700 for non-residents and $600 for residents, this includes a bronze plaque with the name. There is an additional cost to open and close the niche. If you're interested in purchasing a niche, please leave a message for Ben Goudreau at 906-643-8027.

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