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3.         Approve the Parks & Recreation Plan for 2023-2028 per the Planning Commission’s request

4.         Approve the Green Burial Section Rules for the Western Cemetery

5.         Austin Kimberly will give an update on the Straits Area EMS Authority

6.         Discuss the bids received to clear the back acre at the township hall

7.         Approve a budget amendment for the Recreation Fund

8.         Does the township want to bid on parcel #49-008-005-012-00 located on Cheeseman Road?

9.         Do we want to purchase an annual subscription from MTA for Online Learning?


             -Amount due for 2023 for the Fire Agreement is $67,202.99 

             -Update concerning Swim Smart

             -Benchmark’s bid for the storage building at the Western Cemetery

             -Yost deed signed and recorded

11.        NEW BUSINESS:

12.        ADJOURN


Document Shredding at the Moran Township Hall

Moran Township has contracted with Country Mile Document Destruction, Inc. from Stephenson, Michigan to provide a secure drop off bin at the township hall.  The company will come by on a regular basis to shred the contents.  If you have documents you'd like to add to the bin, just stop by the hall whenever it is open.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at 906-643-8027 or email:


Residents Can Save $30/month on internet!

The office of MIHI is urging eligible residents to participate in the FCC’s ACP(Affordable Connectivity Program). Eligible residents receive $30 off their monthly bill, and those who reside on native land receive $75 off. 


The FCC wants to know if your internet service options are accurate

A new broadband map from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) details internet services for nearly every home in the country. And the FCC is asking for the public’s help in determining how high-speed broadband is distributed in the future.

The map will be used to determine where billions of dollars in grant funding will go for future internet service projects, like the installation of fiberoptic cable in a community.

The FCC wants people to take a survey to ensure what the map says about internet services options are accurate. High-speed internet is not available to nearly half a million homes in Michigan.

Many rural areas in northern Michigan are limited to satellite internet services that do not meet the FCC’s definition for high-speed internet.

"They're 22,000 miles up in the sky," said Joe Kirklin, Director of Technical Services at WCMU Public Media. "Imagine thousands of satellite dishes in people's backyards, receiving and transmitting to these fixed position satellites, a lot of it sharing the same exact infrastructure and it doesn’t scale real well."

Kirklin added that a great way to learn if your internet speeds are accurate is to test it.

"Open up a web browser and go to They provide typically a pretty accurate reflection of what's your internet connection is capable of. Another one that does essentially the same function is

The FCC’s deadline to complete the survey is January 13. Below are instructions from the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office on how to fill out the FCC's survey.

  1. Visit FCC broadband map here, then type in an address and see if the reported coverage is accurate. You can access the site from a computer or a mobile device.
  2. Residents can submit a challenge by clicking “Location Challenge” if the location of their home or business is missing or incorrect, or “Availability Challenge” if the internet service information is incorrect.
  3. Residents should visit the website of any internet service provider that claims to serve their location and use the website's "Check Availability" or similar tool to determine if the provider can serve their location.
  4. If they can't, a screenshot of their website can be submitted to the FCC as evidence for an Availability Challenge.

The FCC also allows local governments, tribal governments and other stakeholders to file bulk challenges for multiple locations on behalf of their communities.

WCMU | By Rick Brewer


Gros Cap Church Preservation

Now Accepting Donations to help preservation efforts for this historic church. If you'd like to make a donation, please mail checks to: Gros Cap Church Preservation P.O. Box 364 St. Ignace, MI 49781.

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